How to select the international health insurance policy that best suits your needs

How to select the international health insurance policy that best suits your needs

Before you leave for a long-term assignment abroad, it is important to have international healthcare coverage. It can be challenging to find the best healthcare insurance plan out of the many available. Here are some tips to help find international healthcare insurance that suits your travel style, destination and needs.

Make sure you have a clear understanding of your project as well as your requirements

Clearly defining your travel plans is the first step to choosing the right international health insurance.

Are you thinking about expatriation? Do you want to travel the world for several weeks? If so, what countries will you be visiting?

You should also have a clear understanding of your and your family’s healthcare needs. Are there any conditions that you require special specialist treatment? Do you wear contact lenses or glasses? Do your children require orthodontic treatment?

If you clearly define your healthcare needs, it will make it easier to navigate the many plans available on the market and help you choose the right one.

Examine your reimbursement terms

Be sure to check with your insurer about what to do in case of an emergency or medical condition abroad. Also, what reimbursement conditions apply. Ask your insurer about any applicable waiting periods and reimbursement ceilings, as well as the documents that you will need to support them.

Insurance plans that offer quick reimbursement turnaround times, such as within a few days, are preferred. It is ideal to be able to submit your claim on-line, and receive remote consultation services.

MSH International lets you submit your claims via the dedicated mobile app. All it takes is a photo of your medical bills, and other supporting documents. The insurer must be accessible from abroad during extended service hours. This is crucial if you have a problem with your health in your destination country. In the event of hospitalization, quality healthcare insurance should provide immediate precertification.

Pick the best healthcare coverage that suits your needs

There are many factors that go into choosing the best healthcare plan. A private insurance policy that covers healthcare expenses up to the first Euro could be your best option. This type of international health insurance policy covers reimbursement for healthcare expenses starting at the first Euro. This insurance plan does not require that you are registered with the Caisse Des Francais del’Etranger or the French Social Security system or with basic social security in the host country.

If you have been or are currently insured by the French Healthcare System (Securite Sociale), then you can choose to purchase insurance supplemental for the CFE (Caisse des Francais de l’Etranger).

This healthcare solution is only available for non-resident afiliated individuals. It maintains an ongoing relationship with France’s Social Security system for both pension contributions and healthcare. The CFE is responsible for reimbursements on the basis reimbursements received from the French Social Security System. In order to optimize your coverage for healthcare, it is recommended that you have a private supplement insurance plan. The cost of healthcare in your destination countries will also be considered. Make sure you check the list to see which countries are covered under your international insurance. You should plan ahead for any potential trips to other countries when you’re preparing for an expatriation assignment. Also, consider the coverage conditions for stays in your home country.

Make sure you check out the exclusions

While it is important that you learn about the health benefits of the plan, be sure to look at exclusions for certain events or activities such as extreme sports.

Select your optional benefits carefully

Many healthcare solutions can also be customized. You have the option to add additional options to your plan, such as

  • A repatriation insurance,
  • Benefits for vision or dental care,
  • Maternity insurance coverage
  • Third-party personal liability insurance
  • In the case of sickness leave, compensation is available.

MSH International offers international healthcare insurance plans that are tailored to your specific travel plans (expatriation or round-the-world trips, short trips, etc.). ), your personal and professional situation (departure solo or with your family, post worker status, self employed professional, active senior, etc. ).