Kara Raised “Kawaki” as a Child

He lived with Kokatsu, his abusive drunken father as a child. He was forced to cut wood to make a living to purchase alcohol for Kokatsu. After Kaw aki showed interest in goldfish, a goldfish merchant invited him for a show. His father later found the invitation in his pocket, and forbid Kaw aki from eating with strangers. Kaw aki was attacked by two boys the next day. The goldfish merchant saved Kaw aki and offered him a job helping him to sell goldfish in other villages. After noticing the crack in his father’s glass, Kawaki ran home. Kaw aki refused to accept broken glass and was placed in a Kokatsu room.

Jigen came to his home shortly after to propose that he buy him with a large amount of money. Kaw aki refused to leave his family and promised Jigen that he would do more work to make money. However, he was knocked unconscious by Kokatsu smashing a bottle on his head. Jigen gave custody to the boy and told Kawaki that all the pain he had endured was over. He was also his father. Jigen and Kawaki took the only tunnel out the village. Jigen, a seemingly friendly merchant, revealed that he was a child trafficker looking to kidnap Kaw aki. Kaw aki Hawakiad waited outside of the tunnel to decide who would take the boy. Jigen arrived and claimed that the man had “gladly withdrawn”.

Kawaki is subject to Jigen’s Experiment

Jigen brought Kawaki to Kara when he was first introduced to Kara. He told him that he would gift Kawaki a gift once they become parents and children. Kaw aki was among fifteen Otsutsuki vessels candidates. They were connected by tubes to jars filled with fluid. Jigen tried to transfer his Kama through them. Jigen was able to succeed with Kawaki, his last attempt, despite the deaths of all thirteen children. Kaw aki awoke later with a Kama tattooed on his left arm. Kaw aki later described his experience as a living hell, despite Jigen’s assurance of safety.

Kawaki was attacked shortly after the Otsutsuki ceremony. Code was so jealous of him that he was Isshiki’s only viable vessel, that he began to openly hate Kawaki. He made it clear that if Kawaki wasn’t a vessel, then he would kill him. The anime shows Kawaki running from Code, who was terrified and trying to escape Kara’s hideout. However, Garo, another survivor of Jigen’s vessel experiment, intervenes. Garo was amazed at Kawaki’s apparent lack of major injuries. Garo tried to convince him to go with him, claiming he could teach him some things. However, Kawaki demanded to leave and wanted to know where the exit was. Garo became angry and began strangling the boy. He activated his Kama in self-defence and hit Garo with his fist.

He was put through intense training to master the Kama and be a perfect vessel for Isshiki Oksutsuki. He would continually criticize Kaw aki for only being a vessel for Kama, and would hit the boy every time he asked him questions. Kaw aki was also subject to extensive body modification.