Ocean mental health: Services mission

This mission is what we live every day, as we serve the residents of Ocean Mental Health County. We offer a wide range of services that can assist people across the continuum of behavioral healthcare. These include people who are looking to change their behavior or who have been dealing with serious illness and addictions for a long time. As individuals dedicate themselves to recovery and wellness, we provide the guidance and support they need. We can all work together to create a better tomorrow.

It is not surprising. White noise machines are sought out to imitate the sounds of waves. We also make sandboxes for our children to recreate the feeling of being on the beach.

This is a great idea. There is a link between Ocean mental health, and. Let’s look at three benefits that you can get from spending time near the water.

Less Stress Ocean mental health

Research shows that looking out at the ocean can improve your mental health and reduce your physiological distress. You probably know this if you have ever sat down on the beach after a long day. The way you feel positively is affected by spending time in the blue space of the ocean.

If you are feeling uneasy after spending time at the Ocean, try taking a few deep breathes. You can also get support from the blue space and the sounds of the crashing waves to help you feel calmer.

More Energy

The Ocean mental health waves can produce negative ions. These are atoms that have a net negative electrical charges. These negative ions boost oxygen flow to the brain, which can make you more alert and energized. A trip to the beach can provide you with a boost of energy similar to a cup coffee, but without the jitters.

Some researchers even found that people who spend time at the Ocean mental health have better sleep quality. You can get more energy from a better night of sleep.

More Grounding

Shoes are a common item we wear a lot. The beach is a different story.

We’re often barefoot. This gives us the chance to ground. Grounding is when your body can electrically connect with the earth. Although it sounds complicated, it is as easy as touching something in nature to ground you.

Sand is what you see at the beach. Research has shown that touching the earth can restore your body’s natural defense system, relieve certain types of pain, inflammation, and ease stress, fatigue and depression.

It’s not surprising that Ocean mental health and are interconnected. You can ground your feet in the sand and take in the blue space, the sounds of the waves and absorb the negative ions. Ventura is a great place to find this natural, free resource whenever you need it.