Reasons to Cancel Amazon Prime

Do you ever look at the stamp collection that your grandfather gave to you as a child, or the rare coins you have in high school? You might also be interested in the rare coins that you accumulated in high school. What about your dad’s baseball cards, including a signed Mickey Mantle card? Most likely not.

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These collectibles are hard-to-replace and valuable. They are good candidates for safe deposit. But only if they are insured. Keep in mind that neither your bank nor FDIC will insure your stored possessions. Additionally, the off-premises coverage offered by homeowners insurance usually has very low limits. Another option is to contact your insurer. You can contact your insurer to determine if your policy’s coverage limits can be increased. Amazon Prime Fees Are Rising. Here are the steps to cancel your Amazon Prime membership


Let’s repeat it: Your bank or the FDIC aren’t able to insure the safe deposit box contents. As with collectibles and jewelry, the standard coverage provided by homeowners insurance for jewelry kept in safe deposit boxes will be minimal. Insurance experts recommend adding a personal article floater to an insurance portfolio. This policy adds coverage for certain valuables. For insurance purposes, you will likely need to obtain written appraisals of each piece of jewelry.

You shouldn’t keep jewelry you don’t wear often in a safe deposit container. It can only be accessed by bank employees during normal business hours. Your everyday jewelry should be kept safe at home in a safe. You should keep the heirloom jewelry you have inherited, but not worn, in your safe deposit box. Then, when a special occasion presents itself, you can take it out and wear it.

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Insurance Home Inventory

It’s smart to keep a list of everything in your home in order to insure. The home inventory can be invaluable in filing insurance claims should disaster strike. A home inventory will not be of any help if your house is destroyed by fire or a tornado.

Another tip is to add visuals to your written inventory. The more detail you can provide, the better. Add photos and videos. According to the old saying, a picture is worth a thousand phrases.

Property Records

You’re probably familiar with the paperwork associated with buying real estate. It’s best to keep all of these documents for as long as the property is yours and until you sell it. However, you may never actually need them. It’s worth having the assurance that you will be able to find the document you need years later in your safe deposit box in case you do.

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The closing statement and settlement documents show how much you paid for your property. These costs can be deducted from your tax return. You will need proof of purchase price if you are selling and want to calculate taxes on the profit. If there is ever a dispute with a neighbor about property lines, the original property survey may be helpful. The deed that shows property ownership is usually recorded by your local government. It can be made public. You can contact your agent or the title company if you are unable to find the document required for a home purchase.

Car titles

Vehicle titles are rarely used and can be difficult to replace. In other words, they’re perfectly suitable to be kept in your safe deposit box. It is unlikely that you will ever be able to retrieve it unless you are ready to sell your vehicle and give the title over to the buyer. You can only borrow the title for a short term, but we believe there are better ways than using your car as collateral to get additional cash.

You will need to go to your state’s motor vehicle department if you have lost your car title. This may require you to make an appointment. You will need to fill out paperwork and pay a fee. It may take a while for your number be called. You might be able order a replacement copy online if there aren’t any liens or changes to your title.

Plan for your Digital Assets

You won’t be able to remember all passwords for all online accounts if you don’t have a password-generating tool. There are always workarounds. For example, you can use your fingerprint to unlock any online account. Or there are lists in our phones or in our wallets. But what if someone else needs to have access to your accounts? Why is this important?

Your online accounts are not accessible to your heirs. They can’t manage them, or take them down. This includes your social media accounts. Others could pin you even though you’re gone.

Josh Monroe, a wealth advisor at Brightworth in Atlanta, suggests that you create a list of all your online accounts and include usernames and passwords. Keep this in your safe deposit container. Social media, online storage and financial accounts are all good options. This will make it easier for your heirs to locate and access your online accounts faster by consolidating the list.

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It will ease the grief and confusion of your heirs.

Monroe says, “It is vital to document your wishes for your digital assets so that your heirs don’t have to make decisions for you or lose assets because they are unknown.” To include digital assets in your estate plans, consult your attorney or financial planner.