Saving Heating Oil and Enhancing Energy Efficiency

With heating bills reaching record highs, many homeowners are worried about the impact on their budgets due to the rising cost of heat for their home. They’re searching for ways to cut back on energy expenses as well as suggestions regarding how best to save money on heating oil prices and energy in light of current conditions. At Premier Home Heating Oil Delivery Service, Home Heating Oil Delivery guarantee the best value and highest quality service in Connecticut at an unbeatable price. Every delivery is guaranteed to be at or below market rate!

Here are a few easy and low cost ideas from to save heating oil and improve the efficiency of your energy use:

Switch off all radiators that are not in use.

If there are rooms in your home that are rarely used, consider turning off the radiators there. To get the most from this, ensure all doors are closed behind you to stop cold air escaping into other parts of the house. If you work from home, chances are good that most of your time will be spent in that designated workspace; thus, this suggestion could save on energy and heating oil costs in the long run.

Make sure the timer has been set correctly.

Examples include (a) turning off when not at home and (b) only using it briefly.

Make sure your timer clock is set so the heater only activates when you are present in the house. Doing this can save you from using up heating oil or energy while away. Another useful tip is setting your timer clock so that the heating only comes on for short bursts of time.

Make sure nothing is blocking your radiators.

An efficient way to save heating energy and oil is by making sure there aren’t any obstructions blocking your radiators, such as sofas, beds or furniture. They will trap heat before it has a chance to circulate throughout the room – let the heat escape!

Be sure that long curtains do not obstruct radiators.

Long curtains can be lovely, but if they hang over the radiator, they take away warmth. Heat is escaping through the windows when curtains are drawn over it – something we want to avoid! Place long curtains in front of or behind the radiator while it is running to maintain warmth.

Make sure to test if your heating system is operating at the correct temperature so you don’t burn yourself!

One simple test you can conduct from home is placing your hand on the radiator. If it feels safe to do so and the temperature is at its highest point, congratulations – your radiator is operational! However, if it’s too hot to put hands on it safely, you are wasting heat. To reduce energy waste, lower the thermostat of the radiator or turn down its boiler thermostat – an easy but effective solution!

Make sure your boiler has been serviced annually to ensure optimal performance.

Don’t underestimate the cost of not servicing your boiler! A boiler that isn’t serviced regularly could be running at 50% efficiency, meaning for every PS1 of oil used 50p is wasted. With regular servicing and testing to verify efficiency each year, you can reduce fuel waste and maximize your system’s efficiency.

Keep your windows and doors dry by installing a door sweep. This is an effective way to ensure they remain shut when it rains or snows outside.

Draught proofing is one of the most efficient ways to save energy and money. Uncontrolled draughts can let cold air in and waste heat – something we want to avoid! Installing draught excluders is also beneficial, as they may reduce heat loss by up to 30% in certain circumstances.

If the chimney isn’t being used, block the chimney with a suitable draught balloon.

Chimney balloons can be an efficient solution to minimize energy loss in a space. By blocking cold air passage and preventing warm air from leaving your home, chimney balloons keep your house warmer while cutting back on heating oil and energy costs.