Soul Food Bistro: Be treated and fed like a family

Soul Food Bistro was created by The Potter’s House church. Two locations are available and they serve soul food just like your Southern Grandma used. It’s hard to find a Jax restaurant that offers a warm welcome when you walk in the door. It’s like going to grandma’s for dinner. They are warm and welcoming. The place is ideal for a dinner date with a friend or family member. Many places claim that they treat their guests as family. They really do.

Food: Soul Food Bistro serves delicious, affordable food in a cafeteria-style setting. The price for dark meat chicken is $7.99, and white meat chicken is $8.99. They also offer two sides and a dinner roll or corn bread. They also offer daily specials and many other choices. They probably have the soul food you are looking for. We started with the fried chicken. It’s a solid fried chicken. It’s a great fried chicken. It is crispy and not too greasy. Oxtail rice is one of the side dishes available on Saturday mornings. It was something I had never tried, but it sounds interesting. These were delicious! These were delicious and reminded me of grandma’s corn bread. We had to try the corn bread last. It was delicious. I enjoyed it. It wasn’t a surprise to me. It’s refreshing to find a soda under $2 in an age when every restaurant wants to make a profit. Soul Food Bistro charges $1.79 for a Coke.

Service: I was impressed by the friendliness of the ladies who worked in the cafeteria line. They were warm and friendly and showed a true Southern hospitality. They are extremely friendly and patient with my hyper 2 year old. Soul Food Bistro is a great place to brighten up your day.

This is without a doubt one of the most memorable restaurant experiences in Jacksonville. We paid less than $10 per head and were satisfied.

  • Positivity
  • Good soul food
  • Staff who care and will make your day brighter.
  • Oxtail rice is a special treat, so don’t miss out.
  • Negatives
  • You’d gain 1000lbs if you ate this every day.