Wolvden: Abrowser-based game

You can play Wolvden free of charge today! Register now to create your own wolf pack leader! This persistent browser-based game is fun and challenging. You will encounter many enemies and prey as you lead your wolf pack in North America and Europe’s rich biomes.

Wolvden offers a complete breeding and customized genetics system, including mutations. It also features an environment that you can hunt and explore. There are unlimited customization and decoration options for your pack members. You will find regular updates, roleplay and lore to match your play style, and stories that are based on your choices. Get started today and create your starter Wolf!

Manage your own Wolf Pack Wolvden

You can establish your pack anywhere you choose, from the cold depths of the glacier to desert sand. You can create a dynasty to travel through time, breeding new generations and honing their skills for different roles.

Begin a new pack and fight your enemies. While your pack follows your orders, hunters form hunting parties to bring down prey, while scouts discover new places to explore. Scouts search for and find new places to wolvden  explore. Herbalists make medicines to cure injured or ill wolves, while pupsitters remain home to care for the children.

Based on its appearance and rarity, each base will be given three categories. The colour group will include either cool, muted or warm colours. Monochrome and special are the other two categories. The shade category will be either light, medium or dark. Rarity is the third category. It will include I, II and III. An increased number means the base is rarer, while a rarity of I indicates that it is more common.

The breeding bases are determined solely by the genetics of the color, and not the colour itself (with a few exceptions like the Special bases and the combo).

The percentage indicated in parentheses beside a wolf’s name is the percentage that have this base. A percentage of 0.78% means that 0.78% have this base.

Crossbreeding between Colour Groups Wolvden

In addition to the normal genetics chances, breeding bases that are in the same color group, shade and rarity as the pup will have a 25% chance of being passed on. These exclude special bases.

Breeding different Colour Groups

Crossings can cause some Wolvden colour groups to be less compatible and produce less predictable results. If a Wolf with a warm base is bred with a Wolf with cool base, they can produce any color group. However, a Wolf with a warm base and one with a monochrome base will only produce warm and monochrome-based pups.

These are the estimated base genetic base rates, based on crowdsourced information. These numbers should not be considered as facts.

Special Bases

Special bases cannot be Wolvden obtained by breeding, unlike other bases. This is because one of the parents must have that particular base. A wolf that has a special base can’t produce another special base. Two different special bases can be bred together and could result in a failure to produce any other colour group. The only known Special bases currently are Selene and Moonlight, Losna Luna, Turquoise Moss, Clover, Turquoise, Moss and Turquoise.

Combo Bases

Wolvden can provide combo bases if two compatible bases are crossed together. There are no confirmed combo bases.