See Through Ny: Salary Information

See Through Ny Cris posted this on August 10, 2011, (August 12, 2011). The Empire Center for New York State Policy offers a database tool via the See Through Ny network that allows you to search for salary information for New York City Government, State Government and Public Authority payrolls.

To use the tool, click on See Through Ny. The database can be searched by name Title, branch or entity, agency, and subagency. Excel can also export data.

Professor Ruth Padawer brought this to my blog

The database contains the names, titles and total compensation of more than 289,000 people who were employed in the state’s legislative, executive or judicial branches during the calendar year 2020. The See Through website allows taxpayers to search for state government payrolls back to 2008.

The data Shows See Through Ny

Dr. Robert Corona, Jr., CEO of SUNY Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, was the highest-paid state employee. His total salary was $787,288.

1 263 total state employees, which includes 1,228 executives branch workers, received more than Governor Andrew Cuomo’s $225,000 salary.

Only two of the 100 highest paid state employees were employed by the State University of New York, SUNY, or the City University of New York, CUNY.

Six-figure increases were received by four of the 100 highest earners. These were Dr. Lawrence Chin (Dean, College of Medicine at SUNY Upstate Medical University, Syracuse), whose base salary was increased $373,388 – $600,000.; Carolyn Santora (assistant vice president of hospital affairs at Stony Brook), whose pay was increased $2162,297 – $432,125; Patricia Winston (vice president at Downstate Medical Center), whose pay was raised $122,802 – $402,198; Fotis Sotiropoulos promoted to vice president of academic affairs, at SUNY Stony Stony Stony Brook with an increase in their base pay to $391,711.

The data does not include costs for pensions, retirement benefits, or health insurance for employees and retirees.

The Empire Center is an independent think tank based in Albany that promotes policies that will make New York a better area to live, work, and raise a family.

The See Through Ny online search database has also been updated to include salaries for 123,866 nonprofessional school district employees in 2014-15. This includes bus drivers, office staff, and maintenance personnel.

The See Through Ny salary data is based on information provided by districts to the New York State Teacher’s Retirement System. This system covers all educators working outside of New York City and the New York State & Local Retirement System to which other employees are also a part. The highest salary is paid to superintendents. However, additional severance payments are made to teachers who are retiring and to other employees.

The Empire Center, a non-partisan and non-profit independent think-tank based in Albany, is called the Empire Center. See Through Ny contains data on state and local government employees, pensions, and retirees. It also includes detailed statistics on state spending and comparative statistics.